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    Management coaching supports leaders towards to achieving specific professional goals. We build a trusted relationship with our clients and develop a detailed plan to enable the manager to achieve their business or personal goals, meet the challenges that confront them and address their concerns. Our agenda is developed to meet your individual requirements and is approved by you before we begin our work.

      Coaching is covering areas such as:

    • career growth
    • career transition
    • personal changes
    • interpersonal and professional communication
    • performance management
    • organizational effectiveness
    • executive presence
    • strategic thinking
    • conflict handling
    • team building
    • special needs of client not covered above

    It can as well occur as E-coaching, via phone or voice, video, and instant messaging over the Internet. These methods are particularly appropriate if the coach and/or coachee travel a lot or live in different cities. Before and after sessions, coaches can e-mail clients relevant preparation/summary to enhance the coaching process. Between sessions, coachee can keep stay focused on the process via reminders sent by e-mail or sms and by sending questions by mail as they occur, rather than waiting until the next coaching session.

    Team Coaching & training session

      There are many benefits of Team Coaching through team building, meeting facilitation and team workshops. Studies show that such benefits include:

    • Generate innovation and problem-solving skills
    • Resolving conflicts and clarifying misunderstandings
    • Increase in group members' motivation and support of management decisions because of their investment in the process
    • Improved productivity
    • Allowing all participants involved to contribute and to feel part of the team
    • People are encouraged to think and act for the overall benefit of the group
    • Better informed decision making

    Team coaching is including activity such as:

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    Management coaching

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    Passion coaching®

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    Mirka Knapková
    Olympic Champion - 2012
    World Champion – 2011
    World Cup Winner - 2002, 2009
    European Champion - 2008, 2011
    image page
    Thomas Vanneste
    K-1, Super Heavyweight fighter
    26 fights – 23 Won – 20 KO
    image page
    Adlene Guedioura
    Position: Central midfielder
    Club: Nottingham Forest
    National team: Algerian
    image page
    Niro Baits
    Founder & Owner of:
    Slick Inc.

    Some professional are aiming for a career that cannot be performed without passion. That passion can be contagious and motivate hundreds of individuals to follow their path and apply their values. This division of Practical Coaching is dedicated to passionate professional working as: professional athletes and entertainers.

    To guarantee a successful career, all professional activities need to apply similar values, discipline, and skills than business professionals. To reach the top, business and sport are requiring: passion, work, planning and exceptional determination to succeed.

    Passion and life are not dissociable. Passion coaching® is addressing career coaching, life coaching and personal development. Techniques are drawn from coaching, mentoring, common sense and practical experience.

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    passion coaching®

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    Johan Cheikh

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    • Degree in Law, Haute Ecole Normale du Hainaut (Belgium)
    • Degree in European culture, Universidade de Santiago de Compostella (Spain)
    • Degree in Sales Practice, Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland)

    • Accredited Sandler coach
    • Certified After Action Review facilitator

    • over 2200 h of cold calling
    • International field sales experience in manufacturing and services (B2B)
    • over 5 years of management in sales & business development
    • 9 years of sales coaching
    • 8 years of management coaching
    • 8 years of sales training
    • 4 years of training planning for Central Europe, Russia, Middle East & Africa

    • over 7 years of sport coaching

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    Individual Coaching provides a trusted one to one relationship entirely tailor made to the individual. The coach establishes a personal bond with the coachee as the business and/or personal goals, challenges and concerns are addressed. Agenda is well thought in advance by the coachee as he is accountable for the end result.


    • Unique approach to your on-going development
    • Creation of a personal development plan with constant review of progress
    • Addressing key concerns and goal setting objectively
    • Request your clear and honest commitment
    • Flexible approach to the style, topics and frequency of coaching
    • In-depth discussion on your chosen topics

    Support in preparation such as:

    Performance appraisal: Systematic and periodic process that assesses performance and productivity in relation to pre- established criteria and organizational or personal objectives.

    Assessments: the process of evaluating in measurable terms, knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs. It can focus on the individual learner or the learning community (training session, class, workshop, etc.) the institution, or the educational system as a whole.

    Reviews: A critical evaluation of the coachee's performance towards his targets, Key Performance Indicators, and behavior. Coach and coachee assign to the achievement a rating to indicate its relative merit. They document the rating with justification, objective facts and eventual next steps.

    Call & Notes analisys:

    The coachee records costumer calls and he firstly listens them individually. Then, together with the coach, they will listen to the recordings and the Coach will provide his opinion and analysis. The analysis will result in a strategy to improve each step of the call and its overall structure in the best chronological order. It will positively impact the structure of the call, the balance, and the communication style. This process helps guarantee future in-depth telephone consultations with more detailed and relevant notes.

    Personal Development Plan

    PDP is the process of creating an action plan based on awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting and planning for personal development within the context of a career, education, relationship or for self-improvement. It contents a statement of one's aspirations, strengths or competencies, education and training, and stages or steps to indicate how the plan is to be realized. Career and lifestyle priorities, career positioning, analysis of opportunities and risks, and alternative plans can be taken in consideration.

    To guarantee the success of a PDP, the coach needs to request clear commitment, guarantee support all the way by mirroring, refocusing and motivating the coachee. The goal is to create self-directed independent learners who are more likely to progress to higher levels, higher career position, and better self satisfaction. Sharp and reasonable milestones are settled in order to track progress. In some cases the PDP or Individual Development Plan is required to justify training participation.

    It can as well occur as E-coaching, via phone or voice, video, and instant messaging over the Internet. These methods are particularly appropriate if the coach and/or coachee travel a lot or live in different cities. Before and after sessions, coaches can e-mail clients relevant preparation/summary to enhance the coaching process. Between sessions, coachee can keep stay focused on the process via reminders sent by e-mail or sms and by sending questions by mail as they occur, rather than waiting until the next coaching session.

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    Individual Coaching

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    Johan is an exceptional asset to any organization, as a trainer, he continually challenges me. His vast experience and creative mindset has empowered me to really think outside the box and fostered positive growth as I continue to implement his guidance.

    Marvin Tador
    Operations Manager
    Buzz s.r.o.

    I've had the great pleasure working with Johan in various capacities over the past few years. He's one of those rare individuals who can manage strategy and execution in equal measure. His highly personable approach along with his focus on results means every engagement is fun, engaging and productive. I have zero hesitation in hiring him as a trainer or coach.

    Paul Lanigan
    Managing Director
    Sandler Training (Ireland)

    Johan is an experienced professional always delivering top quality service. He is great in catching audience's attention, by sharing pieces of his previous experience. It is obvious he loves his job and he can pass this passion to the attendees of his sessions. He is delivering trainings, focused on soft skills & sales skills, for the whole team and coaching on the individual level.

    Petr Simon Mladenka
    Regional Business Development Manager

    Johan' presentations and clients management are very attractive and beneficial.
    His excellent ideas and strategy of the sales practice are very useful for our employees.
    He is very helpful and communicative.
    For his abilities we strongly recommend him to other organizations.

    Jaroslav Šrajer
    Owner & founder

    Johan Cheikh is a coach for everyday business with a long term vision.
    I benefited from his versatile expertise on numerous occasions for my business and also my personal career:

    • An informal conversation to define my professional skills and better present myself at a job interview which successfully resulted in a job proposal
    • A one-to-one coaching session to improve my sales pitch and presentation towards a key prospect which is now a major account for our company
    • A group training session to help our team focus on key issues for our business which are prioritization and time management
    • This long lasting cooperation is the result of Johan's input into my business life.

    Alexandre Gausson
    Director of Sales Central Europe,

    Johan delivers trainings and coaching sessions to my team of Oracle Business Development Consultants.

    Practical workshops (with topics like Preparation for the sales calls, Objection handling, Active listening…,) followed up by individual assessments and coaching sessions tailor made to individual needs.

    The program leads to increased confidence and professionalism on the sales calls, resulting in stable performance of the team.

    Ing. Ludek Jedlicka
    Sr Regional Manager Dem Gen

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    Manager's Team

    • Team Building

    In team building, employees are viewed as members of interdependent teams instead of as individual. It consist of a wide range of activities designed for improving team performance. It pursued via a variety of practices, group assessment or games. Team building can sit within the theory and practice of organizational development.

    • Meeting facilitation

    The facilitator makes things easier, acts as a catalyst to achieve goals of client. The facilitator is an expert at turning a previously difficult activity into an easy one with little or no extra energy expended on the part of the group participants. It is the set of all tasks needed to impartially run a meeting. The facilitator do not manage the meeting, he lead it without controlling the process. He serves the group to encourage, aid, and lead group decision-making with the art of language, meaning, and people with the science of process and structure.

    • Team workshops

    Workshops are interactive, great for brainstorming, building relationships, and problem solving with the goal determined by the Client at the center of the activity. Our carefully and expertly prepared materials guide the structure and exercises designed to get everyone relaxed and involved. Every participant has the opportunity to shine with positive and constructive input.

    • After Action Review

    AAR is a structured de-briefs process for analyzing what happened, why, and how it can be done better, by the participants and those responsible for the project or event. After-action reviews were originally developed by the U.S. Army. It begins with a clear comparison of intended vs. actual results achieved. AAR improves performance around any challenge or opportunity.

    • Recommande & organize training planning

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    Manager's Team

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